by Tanya Thomas on  July 28, 2010 at 10:42 AM Menīs Health News
 Bedroom Confidence Tips Even For Men on Their 'Fat Days'
It is not just women who have 'fat days' when they don't feel attractive to their partners - a new research has shown that gaining weight also lowers men's confidence in the bedroom.

In the study of more than 5,000 men, 34 per cent said that feeling unattractive gives them less confidence to initiate sex with their partner, reports the Telegraph.

Almost 1 in 6 men admitted that low self esteem about their appearance impacts on their confidence in bed, and more than a quarter would consider losing weight to boost their bedroom performance.

"What's clear from the research is that it's not just women who suffer from 'fat days' and low self esteem in the bedroom, men are also affected by the same issues," the Telegraph quoted sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox as saying.

"We know men are often reluctant to get help for sexual health problems so it's really encouraging to see the provision of an online surgery, where they can seek advice in total confidence and in an environment they feel comfortable in - anonymous and online.

"Men shouldn't be suffering in silence, there's lots of help out there, offering real solutions to improving sexual confidence and performance," Cox added.

Source: ANI

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