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Beauty Contest for Vegetarians: 3 Youngsters from Bengaluru in the Final Round
Three youngsters from Bengaluru (the capital of India's southern Karnataka state) have made it to the finale of a unique contest - Cutest Vegetarian Next Door. The trio is among the 20 finalists who'll compete for the top beauty position.

The contest is organized by PETA India, based in Mumbai, to promote vegetarianism among people. The organization operates under the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment.

Jitin Sharma, 23, a resident of Bellandur, has influenced many people into either giving up non-vegetarian diet completely or reducing non-veg consumption.

"I have had long discussions on vegetarianism with colleagues. The person who sits next to me in office has also stopped eating meat. Another friend of mine with high cholesterol, who was a regular meat-eater, has cut down on the quantity. He tells me he feels much healthier," said the software engineer.

Another contestant, Hitesh Ramawat, belongs to a vegetarian family.

"I am very particular about my diet; I start my day with a banana milkshake and peanut butter with bread. For lunch, it's usually curd rice and for dinner, I eat roti with gravy. Though I like junk food, I go to the gym every single day to lose the calories I've piled on. It works for me," he said.

The third finalist is Kavya Rao, 25 and she is an animal lover.

PETA India's campaigns highlight that eating meat and dairy products has been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and obesity. A United Nations report showed that the meat industry is one of the top contributors to the most serious environmental issues.

Source: Medindia

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