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 Beautiful Breasts During Lunch Hour
Busy working women can get a boob operation done within just an hour during lunch break.

Anja Smith is the first woman in the UK to have what Americans call "lunch hour surgery" in 4,000 pounds.

"I love them! After having two kids my bust sagged from 34DD to 34C and I was desperate to get my figure back," News of the World quoted her as saying.

In fact, Midlands dental nurse Anja got her new look during her morning break. Her operation was over and 90 minutes later she was out in time for lunch.

"It all went brilliantly and I felt great," said Anja of Rubery, Worcestershire.

"There was no pain, it was just a little bit uncomfortable. But nothing major.

"There's some scarring but it's underneath the breasts so you can't see it. They still look natural and my husband Russel is definitely pleased!

Nishikawa's clinic is one of about 10 in the UK doing the new quick-fix ops - with same- day facelifts, tummy tucks and nose jobs also on offer.

He insisted: "We wouldn't perform them on very young or very old patients, anyone with a serious medical condition, blood pressure or heart problems.

"But it's very safe and patients can be in and out within hours, with minimal convalescence needed.

Source: ANI

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