Ban 'prohibiting Dancing Between Men and Women' Rejected by Maldives Govt

by Krishna Bora on Sep 21 2012 1:02 PM

The Maldives Government rejects a ban on dancing in public between men and women issued by its own Islamic Affairs ministry.
According to a statement by presidential spokesman Abbas Riza, the government also pledged that the honeymoon hotspot would remain a beacon of tolerance.

Riza said that the circular issued by the ministry prohibiting dancing between men and women is not enforceable, as it has no basis in Maldivian law, reports.

"There has not been and never will be a ban on dancing. Under the constitution, no one could enforce or prohibit any freedom unless under a law," Abbas said

"The Maldives will always be a very tolerant society (which is an) example to the world," he added.

The remarks came in response to the Islamic Affairs ministry's circular to all state institutions and the media banning the holding of any mixed-gender dance events.

According to local media reports, the ministry also ordered a ban on events where adolescent girls are required to dance.