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 Baby's Voice Motivates Brit Coma Mother to Recover
The voice of her baby inspired Karen Morrisroe-Clutton, living in coma after contracting E. coli, to fight the illness and recover fast.

Morrisroe-Clutton' son Oliver was just 10 weeks old when she was affected by the bug in July end.

The 32-year-old woman stayed at the Wrexham Maelor hospital for 67 days, but she believes it was hearing the voice of her child that helped her recover.

"I did know that I was dying at one point. In fact because I was having all this treatment I knew it wasn't working; at least something wasn't working quite well,' the BBC News quoted her as saying.

"I gave up. I wanted to die. But I heard Ollie.

"I heard his voice because Paul was playing the tapes and I turned around and said I can't do this. I need to live. I heard him and thankfully I pulled through," she added.

Earlier on Karen was not able to see her son for eight weeks as she was in intensive care because of the risk of infection.

However, she revealed that she surrounded herself with pictures and video of her kid.

And once she was moved to an ordinary ward, they were reunited.

She said: "He did remember me... sort of gave me a look and then this massive smile came... it was just wonderful."

She mentioned that her consultant, Stuart Robertson, was eager to get her back with her baby just to quicken up her recovery.

She said: "He hoped it would help... it did... I had something to live for."

Now, Karen claims she is "almost" back to normal, apart from some slight liver damage.

Source: ANI

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