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Baby Boy Succumbs to Sepsis Within 30 Hours of Birth in the UK
In a gruesome incident, a newborn has died within 30 hours of birth by contracting sepsis. Sepsis is the body's life-threatening response to infection which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death.

The baby was born in the toilet as his mother was sent home from the hospital after five hours on a maternity ward saying that she was not ready for labor.

Hayley gave birth to the baby Charlie Jermyn in the toilet and the baby was sleeping without making any noise for a while. After twelve hours, the baby started to make a grunting noise.

A midwife who went to check the baby ignored the grunting noise which had been a warning sign that the baby was not well.

Health experts claim that the baby could have been saved if the midwife had spotted the warning and sent the baby to a hospital.

The baby contracted Strep A infection and antibiotic treatment at the right time could have saved the baby's life. Despite desperate efforts to revive Charlie through CPR, the tiny baby died last May.

Dr.James Gray, microbiologist, said, "He would probably have survived if he had been born in hospital and had access to treatment."

Dr.Gray said, "Grunting for hours after birth is a red flag. He should have been seen by a pediatrician and given antibiotics."

He added, "The likely cause was that the mother was already carrying the infection before giving birth. Strep A occasionally causes death of babies and there is some evidence it can be carried in the female genital tract."

Dr. Katie Mallam, a pediatric consultant at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, said, "We gave him four doses of adrenalin and noticed he was stiff and showing no signs of life. At 11.52am there was still no sign of life and it was agreed that resuscitation was not helpful."

Hayley said, "I feel like a failure as a Mum but nothing will ever change the fact our baby boy, who should be 9 months old, sitting up, babbling, maybe even crawling, isn't here. I have to live with the guilt I carry for the rest of my life, but I have also accepted mistakes were made and it wasn't our fault."

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