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Australian Women Opens Hair Lice Salon To Help Schoolchildren
A woman has opened southeast Queensland's first hair lice salon to help schoolchildren get rid of the parasite, say reports.

The problem she faced delousing her five children when they all went to school apparently inspired Judy Butters.

The salon at Deception Bay, north of Brisbane is making good business after just over two months of operation, since half of all Queensland schoolchildren are estimated to have head lice.

And it's not just children who visit, even nurses from aged care facilities come with the problem.

"They catch them from the patients at the home," the Courier Mail quoted Butters as saying.

She does not think the job is disgusting.

She said: "It's very common. It's not disgusting."

The salon provides a qualified hairdresser too, who provides haircutting services after the delousing treatment.

The owner added: "A lot of hairdressers won't touch heads with lice. I had that experience with my daughter. She was just humiliated and told to leave because the hairdresser found one egg."

The treatment involves an "all-natural" lice product, followed by combing to remove the parasites and their eggs, for which Judy charges anything between 27 dollars for short hair to 57 dollars for very long hair.

Source: ANI

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