Australian Bashed Up by Night Club Bouncers on Greek Island in Critical Condition

by Gopalan on Jul 31 2008 5:03 PM

An Australian bashed up by night club bouncers on Greek island of Mykonos is in critical condition. The incident has created a stir back home. He is expected to be declared brain dead.

Two nightclub bouncers charged with grievous bodily harm over the alleged attack could have their charges upgraded.

The 20-year-old Australian Doujon Zammit, was on the island resort of Mykonos with his cousin Cameron Tabone, also 20, when they were allegedly set upon by up to four bouncers earlier this week.

The Sydney pair was accused of stealing a wallet and or a handbag and were forced to flee the bar on quad bikes after allegedly being threatened by club staff.

Two bouncers from the club Paradise Beach caught the pair and demanded to see identification and when they refused, a 25-year-old bouncer erected an extendable baton and started belting Doujon Zammit about the head.

A second bouncer and part time car attendant, 18, allegedly joined in punching Cameron in the head. At this time another two bouncers from a nearby club joined in the melee; they were arrested but have yet to be charged pending further inquiries.

Cameron suffered a broken nose and wrist. A third Australian with them escaped unscathed. One witness said it was a ferocious attack but said when an ambulance was called, and Doujon, described as being of Maltese Italian decent, managed to walk to it and climb inside.

He was taken to the island's local health centre before a helicopter, unable to fly at night, could take him at day break to Tzaneio Hospital in the port city of Piraeus where he underwent emergency surgery.

He was later transported to an intensive care unit in Errikos Dinan Hospital in Athens.

He is understood to have suffered extensive bleeding on the brain and hospital staff are waiting for family to arrive from Australia before turning life support systems off.

The two fathers of the victims were expected in Athens Thursday; Doujon's mother collapsed in grief at Sydney Airport with authorities deeming her unfit to travel.

Cameron has already given a statement to police and denied any claim of theft; police confirmed there had been no report of theft from the Paradise Beach club.

It is understood Mykonos police were only called to investigate the attack after being contacted by the Australian Embassy in Athens.

Bloody clothes and the baton have been seized. Police continue to take statements from patrons at the bar which included a number of Australian and Italian tourists. 

Zammit and Tabone and two friends had only been in Mykonos a matter of days when the attack occurred earlier this week.

THE devastated family of Doujon Zammit said Thursday that the attack was unprovoked.

"We were told it was completely unprovoked....we don't know if they think it is mistaken identity," his uncle Tony Triccas told The Daily Telegraph

There are reports that Zammit and and his cousin Cameron Tabone were framed. 

The family said the cousins were ordered against a wall before the security guards attacked, knocking Zammit to the ground before he stood up and was bashed in the head again.

His friends have set up a Facebook group in his honour.

Some tributes praised him as the "vibrant school captain of Cecil Hill High School" and a young leader who enjoyed the respect of his peers.

"He exemplified what it means to be a true gentleman, standing by what he believes while giving it his all. This tragedy is such a waste and couldn't happen to a more promising young gentleman."

An acquaintance told that Zammit was "the most amazing guy who got along with anyone and everybody".

The Facebook group page titled "Only the good die young" features some 550 members with recollections and condolences by friends of Zammit.