by Kathy Jones on  December 5, 2011 at 8:07 PM Lifestyle News
 Aussies Experience Greatest Joy Through Family and Friends
A new survey has found that the happiest moments of a number of Australian citizens are those that are spent with their family and friends.

According to a social study released by LG Australia, 36 percent of those surveyed agree that their happiest moments are those spent with family and friends, rather than career, fame or fortune.

The Life's Good Project report reveals that less than one percent of Australian's think their career or vocation achievements contributes to their 'Life's Good' moments, suggesting that relationships and a sense of belonging are more important than professional achievements and money.

The project asked the natives to share their favourite 'Life's Good' moments as part of a unique social study.

Led by Dr Tim Sharp, a leading authority on positive psychology, the study collected data solely from a dedicated Facebook page that allowed respondents to submit their answers via a variety of formats such as text, video and images.

"Life is good for Australians but not because of their jobs or the economy," the Daily telegraph quoted Sharp as saying.

"In the aftermath of the global financial crisis (GFC), we've come to realise that money doesn't buy happiness and the best things in life really are free! Gone are the hedonistic days of consumer spending - the world has changed, and so have our priorities," he said.

Quintessentially Australian activities such as fishing, surfing, picnics and other sports were also found to contribute to life's good moments, along with good health, exercising and spending time outdoors.

The results show, however, that what really makes these activities fun are the relationships and interactions with others, with the majority of Australians preferring to exercise with friends and family, than work out alone.

Source: ANI

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