Aspirin may Prevent Growth of Breast Cancer

by Kathy Jones on Apr 22 2013 9:37 PM

 Aspirin may Prevent Growth of Breast Cancer
American researchers have claimed that aspirin can be used to block the growth and spread of even the most virulent form of breast cancer, though cancer experts urged caution in accepting the ‘incredibly’ early stage research.
Researchers led by Professor Sushanta Banerjee, from the University of Kansas, found that taking small doses of aspirin not only stopped the spread of two strains of breast cancer but also increased the effect of the popular breast cancer drug, tamoxifen.

Presenting the study at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Boston, the researchers said that aspirin also prevented the creation of resistant cells that drive the disease. However a number of cancer experts warned that people should not start taking aspirin as excessive consumption of the drug could lead to number of side effects.

Eluned Hughes, of charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, also said that the study has not been conducted on any of the cancer patients diagnosed in the UK. “It could be promising for the future. We’ll watch this closely to see how it progresses. We hope to continue to see new options for these patients”, she said.