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 Asha Parekh Cautions Parents To Restrain Children Watching 'A' Rated  Content
Former chairperson of the Censor Board and veteran actress Asha Parekh on Saturday said that rather than the Government department, parents should do the job of keeping children away from "watching 'A' rated content".

Addressing the media during the 40th edition of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, Parekh said: "More than the Board it is for the parents to exercise restraint. They should guide their child and should be willing to sacrifice watching 'A' rated content."

In reply to a question regarding her own life, Parekh went down the memory lane and collectively re-lived the days gone by.

"Perhaps god destined me to be a film star and I worked to fulfill that destiny. In my initial movies I was presented as a glamour doll, but with Do Badan I achieved critical acclaim which was very satisfying," she said.

Having no regrets about her life, Parekh said that given a chance she would like to be born again as Asha Parekh, however she categorically denied any possibility of an autobiography.

On being asked about her opinion about the films of today, she said that they have become very superior from the point of view of technology, but from the content angle things have become too western for her taste.

Parekh also said that she is not into making television serials, as the format of a daily episode does not leave any scope for creativity, as it is basically filming of a script that has been handed over to you.

Source: ANI

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