Arvind Kejriwal on a 10 Day Naturopathy Treatment

by Julia Samuel on Mar 6 2015 6:39 PM

Arvind Kejriwal on a 10 Day Naturopathy Treatment
Mr. Kejriwal, Chief minister of Delhi, accompanied his parents to the Jindal Naturecure institute and for the next ten days will be on detox and rejuvenation.
Mr. Kejriwal has paid visit to the institute for a 10-day naturopathy treatment for his high blood sugar level and chronic cough. Doctors recorded his case history for further evaluation soon after his arrival at the institute. They started him on rejuvenating and detoxifying therapies such as mudpacks, oil massages, steam baths and abdomen packs.

"After they rested for a while, they were served lunch comprising wholegrain wheat chapati, vegetables and soup. Some of the preliminary tests like fat content and ECG tests were conducted. A set of tests to be conducted on empty stomach will be done the next day morning," said the spokesperson at the institute.

Mr. Kejriwal, parents Geeta Devi and father G K Kejriwal have booked the Nest accommodation ad all three will undergo treatment for their ailments.

Mr. Kejriwal had visited the campus earlier but this was his first visit after becoming Delhi CM. "During his visit in 2013, it was Mr. Anna Hazare who was the newsmaker and Kejriwal used to sit in the lounge and let visitors speak with Anna when many wanted to click pictures with the anti-corruption crusader. This time he is the hero" recalled a staff at the institute.