by Kathy Jones on  October 1, 2012 at 7:16 PM Mental Health News
 Around 10% of Staff in Europe Has Taken Time Off for Depression
Around 10 percent of the working staff in Europe has taken time off work due to depression, a new study reveals.

Researchers at European Depression Association (EDA) carried out an international survey involving more than 7,000 workers in Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey and Denmark. The researchers found that nearly 20 percent of the workers admitted that they were diagnosed for depression at some point in their lives with Britain leading the way with 26 percent while Italy was the least with 12 percent.

The survey also revealed that workers in Germany were more likely to stay away from work due to depression with 61 percent of German workers admitting that they took time off from work with Denmark and Britain coming second and third with 60 percent and 58 percent respectively.

The researchers added that depression cost more than £73 billion to EU countries in 2010 as a result of loss of productivity due to under performance or time off. "The results of the survey show that much needs to be done in raising awareness and supporting employees and employers in recognizing and managing depression in the workplace. We ask policymakers to consider the impact of depression on the workforce and charge them with addressing depression and workers and workplace safety", EDA president Dr Vincenzo Costigliola said.

Source: Medindia

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