Archaeologists Have Found Rare Medical Manuscripts in Egypt’s National Library

by VR Sreeraman on Sep 17 2007 3:51 PM

Egyptian archaeologists have found rare medical and astronomical manuscripts at the country’s National Library (also known as Dar al-Kotob).

A senior official at Alexandria Library said the ancient documents were just laying forgotten in the Dar al-Kotob archives for many years, but were then “technically rediscovered” due to the efforts of the Centre for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT).

“They are really priceless,” Egyptian State Information Service quoted the official as saying.

CULTNAT chief Fathi Saleh said the medical papers give prescription of the treatment of some chronic diseases, bone fractures and bruises and lessons in body and eye anatomy.

He said the other manuscripts in the possessions of the al-Azhar Library are about astronomy and time measurement and date back to the golden years of the ancient Arab and Islamic civilizations.

Saleh said CULTNAT has already started implementing an integrated project to establish the first expanded and encyclopedic e-library to register the rare collection of manuscripts at the Dar al-Kotob - dating back to the Mameluke era.