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 Aquire the Well-Toned and Strong Body With Pilates Exercises at Home
A Pilate studio may appear like a war-zone to you, although we have heard Pilates work wonders in our pursuit of a well-toned and strong body, the routine may seem cumbersome to many.

In reality, Pilates is an exercise form that aims to simultaneously develop flexibility, good posture, strength and balance.

Kiran Krishnakumar, a Delhi-based fitness trainer provides tips on how all of these techniques from a Pilates Fitness Regime can be practised in the comfort of your home to achieve maximum flexibility, strength and control of your core system.

1) Nailing the basics with the Hundred!

Presumably simple to do, the Hundred helps you get the basics of Pilate right, hence being the most crucial from the lot. Get started with lying down on a mat, holding your face up and bring knees in towards the chest. Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the mat and stretch your hands to the sides, with palms facing the floor. Extend legs to a 45-degree angle with heels perched together, toes apart. Now, move your arms up and down, breathing in and out through the nose.

A count of 5 arm movements for each side is ideal; repeat the exercise 10 times for optimum results.

2) Roll like a ball for toned abs & stronger back!

Whosoever said exercises can't be fun must have never done it the right way! Here is a Pilates exercise which is absolutely fun to do and is the best for toning abs and back. Sit on the mat, pulling knees towards the chest, arms wrapped around the legs. Hold this position as this is where the fun begins.

Inhale while rocking back to the tailbone and feet hovering a few inches above the ground, and exhale while coming back to the initial position. Use your abs to control momentum and pause before your feet touch the mat. This exercise is very significant in strengthening the core muscles in the abdominal area, hence giving you the perfect washboard abs you would want to flaunt.

3) Simple and effective, criss-cross Pilates

This is perhaps the simplest Pilates can get. We haven't had much of a trouble until now and criss-cross happens to be another simple addition. Lie on your back, hands supporting the base of your head with knees pulled into your chest. Keeping the left leg bent, raise the right one in front of you, twisting it towards the left leg.

Hold, for the count of three and switch, with left one straight out and right one bent and hold. Now, raise your chest, endeavoring to touch the bent leg alternatively, in a typical criss-cross fashion. Find a pace that is fast enough for you and you can always increase the speed, as an when you get comfortable with the routine. Lastly, act cautiously while doing these Pilates workouts at home.

Source: IANS

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