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Apex Medical Corporation to be Featured at Medicare Taiwan International Exhibition
Apex Medical Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of support surfaces products in Asia, will be featured at the Medicare Taiwan International Medical & Healthcare Exhibition in Taipei City in June 2015.

Medicare Taiwan 2015 aims to integrate medical devices with medical services to offer people better care and gain inroads into the growing global medical market.

Apex Medical Corp. was established in 1990 as a one-stop-shop for home medical equipment. Now the company has revenues approaching $80 million with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China. The firm has produced Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) devices for years, but its latest mission is to get its name into the medical space by focusing on making its own branded Class II medical equipment. OEM is a term used when one company makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company's end product.

While basic medical equipment has been the bread and butter of Apex, its move into the Class II space was prompted by the increase in copying of Class I devices by mainland Chinese firms. (The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has established classifications for approximately 1,700 different generic types of devices and grouped them into 16 medical specialties referred to as panels).

While it may be more difficult to develop and receive approvals for Class II devices, the patent protections and regulations help keep out the competition.

Apex is now mostly producing negative pressure wound therapy devices - which uses a vacuum dressing to promote healing in acute or chronic wounds - continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) systems that uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open and clinical mattresses that help prevent the formation of decub ulcers. The company also makes pulse oximeters, nebulizers, autoclaves, and a few other clinical products.

The core revenue of the company comes from its huge line of clinical mattresses, which vary from basic models meant for the home to sensor rich, smart devices with advanced control and reporting capabilities. Apex is a big name in this business and is focused on becoming one of the top five medical mattress manufacturers in the world.

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