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 Anti-Drug Rally in Manipur
People from all walks of life participated in an anti-drug rally which commenced from Khuman Lampak main stadium to the Thangmeiband Athletic Union Ground (THAU) in the Thangmeiband DM College (It was organized by the Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol ( CADA ).)

The President of CADA and its organising committee, Aramabam Rabindra told reporters that the objective of the rally was to save society from the menace of drugs.

"It seems after a decade our society is going to sink in an ocean of drugs; that is why we are arranging this rally to make our people aware of the menace of drugs and to save our society form drugs. In this rally at least ten thousand participants will be here," said Rabindra in Imphal.

Participants of the rally demanded that the government should put an end to illegal drug trafficking and re-appoint the Special Investigation Team Unit (SIT) of Imphal. Illegal drugs in the form of Pseudoephridine tablets worth millions were seized from the Imphal Airport recently.

Students of all age groups also participated in large numbers as they walked to raise awareness about the deteriorating condition in the state.

Sushmita Das, a student, who participated in the rally, said that the problem of drugs was not only rampant among adults but also teenagers.

"It is not only the adults who use it; there are some teenagers who are using drugs. It is not good for them to use drugs because they are students. They should concentrate on their studies. In our locality, we have seen many people using drugs, and many other bad things. "said Das.

The participants in the rally also demanded that the government should release the name of the owner of the drugs seized from the airport.

They further demanded the reappointment of the transferred Inspector Ranjit Singh of the SIT who had succeeded in seizing drugs during his posting in the area.

A participant, R.K. Ranendrajit told reporters that the rally was organized to motivate the youth to lead a healthy life.

" Now this is going to motivate the entire younger generation of this state to build up character as well as the nation building process for the youth ," said Ranendrajit.

Participants in the rally were seen carrying placards with anti-drug slogans and criticizing the government for its inaction and apathy .

The rally concentrated on creating awareness about the threat posed by drugs to the society and cautioned the people of the province to curb its use as it would ruin their lives.

Source: ANI

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