Anti-Ageing Myths Debunked by Beauty Expert

by Bidita Debnath on Jan 30 2017 11:32 PM

 Anti-Ageing Myths Debunked by Beauty Expert
Green juices are blood cleansers that can help your face glow and having a certain quantity of water will help you attain clean skin are some of the anti-aging myths that people are following blindly.
Aakriti Kochar, beauty and make-up expert, Oriflame India, debunks some of the anti-aging myths.

A daily green juice is essential to get glowing skin: Green juices are blood cleansers which help in giving glowing and radiant skin. It is one of the best things to follow in a beauty regime to help your skin look youthful, but it is not necessarily the only thing one has to do get glowing skin. CTM (Cleansing, toning, moisturising) routine, using a sunscreen, exercising, having a balanced diet are essential too. It is about the complete lifestyle and not one particular habit.

Water is the fountain of youth and three litres is essential for everyone: Water helps keep your body and skin hydrated and helps release toxins in your body. Having three litres of water is good for us but then again it's more than just consuming water that our body needs.

A moisturiser will help eliminate all wrinkles: A moisturiser helps hydrate your skin from the outside. A nourished skin works longer to keep skin youthful, but to reduce appearance of wrinkles one needs the correct day or night creams, serums, oils in terms of cosmetics and a healthy lifestyle.

You should start using anti-ageing products as a teen: One should start anti-ageing products as you see the signs. First signs being dull and dehydrated skin which results in loss of elasticity or wrinkles. Ideally, the age when one sees the need to use anti-ageing products is 30+, but then it may vary by skin type and lifestyles of people.

You don't need sunscreen when its cloudy: One needs to wear sunscreen when there is light, i.e. day time, because UV rays are present when there's day light/sun light even if its cloudy.

Ageing is linked to our genes: Not necessarily, if your parents/grand parents lead a healthy lifestyle and you do not, your skin age will be different than theirs. Climate, pollution, stress, skin care, lifestyle are the factors governing your skin age.

The more expensive a product, the better the results: Not necessarily, stress more on the ingredients and quality than the price range. Sometimes expensive products have rich ingredients which might be the reason for its higher price, but not always.

Frowning or smiling gives you wrinkles: Frowning and Smiling are just facial exercises, in no way can they give someone wrinkles. Being stressed, smoking, dry skin, dehydration can be some of the reasons that can give you wrinkles.

Your diet is the cause of how much you age: Your overall lifestyle, including your diet of course, but also exercising, stress, etc., are responsible

Makeup with SPF is as good as a sunscreen: Makeup with sunscreen is a good alternative to using too many products and layering it up. It is good to keep your skin light and protected but can't be as powerful as an individual sunscreen.