Angelina Jolie Voices Fears Her Kids Will Be Kidnapped

by Rajashri on Sep 3 2008 11:00 AM

Angelina Jolie is keeping a low profile after the birth of her twins and is all the time attending to her kids. However she fears that her children will be kidnapped, it has emerged.

According to reports Jolie is refusing to "leave" the French chateau she shares with Brad Pitt.

"If one of them is unaccounted for for more than 30 seconds she gets hysterical," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted a pal, as saying.

According to Grazia, Jolie is a "virtual recluse" because she "has not been seen in public for at least two months."

In fact, the publication also warned that Jolie "has long struggled to maintain a healthy weight" and "wants Brad to cut all ties with anything to do with Jen(Jennifer Aniston)."