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 An App for Finding Wingman to Woo Girls
An app to find a "wingman" for single blokes, who are looking for love in pubs and bars is now available to help people take the dating circuit by storm.

Lonely blokes on the prowl now have the new Australian-made "Find A Wingman'' app, which uses GPS to locate nearby men willing to act as the Goose to their Maverick when wooing a girl, reported.

Users log in via Facebook or Google and hit the "Need-A-Wingman" button to broadcast a call for help to nearby men in the area.

If a bro-mance is formed, the two can message each other to meet at a bar and start girlfriend-hunting.

Melbourne software designer Marius Kramer, 26, said he came up with the idea for the free Android app after moving to Australia from Europe.

"So many times I wanted to go out and hit the bars and meet some women, but I didn't have any mates to go with," he said.

"But with this app I can now find a guy who's really keen on going out right now, and meet women," he added.

The self-described "appreneur," who has been single for six years, said a wingman was crucial to meeting women.

"If you're alone in the bar and you're clinging onto your drink you don't really seem that attractive, and you're never going to get a woman," he said.

"So many nice guys don't talk to girls. This gives guys back some confidence to maybe meet their girlfriend, maybe their future wife," he said.

Source: ANI

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