by Kathy Jones on  March 28, 2011 at 9:35 PM General Health News
 An Age Suit That Transforms Wearer into a 74-year-old Revealed
A suit to transform someone into a 74-year-old to understand the effects ageing has on the body has been designed by researchers at MIT's Age Lab.

While many companies focus their attention on staving off the ageing process, this one has decided it was time to focus on making things easier when the eventuality of old age finally comes.

"We're not the first generation to get old, but we're the first generation to have greater expectation that old age could be better. Technology has helped us live longer; now we want to live better," the Daily Mail quoted director of MIT Joseph Coughlin as saying.

He has developed the age suit, called AGNES - Age Gain Now Empathy System - to help businesses reinvent their products and services in order to help older people live better and more comfortable lives.

The suit consists of bands and a pelvic harness to restrict movement, rubber gloves to decrease hand sensitivity, padded shoes to affect your balance, a neck brace and helmet which stimulates spinal compression and goggles to blur vision.

The suit makes everything difficult, even everyday, mundane activities like shopping, bending over, cooking and driving.

Source: ANI

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