Amy Winehouse's Drug Dealers Plead Guilty and Could Face Jail Anytime

by Hannah Punitha on Nov 2 2008 5:07 PM

A British couple accused of supplying cocaine and ecstasy to singer Amy Winehouse has pleaded guilty to drugs charges and could face jail time.

Johnny Blagrove, 34, and Cara Burton, 22, whose sentence is set to be pronounced on November 28, admitted offering drugs to the 25-year-old, reports

The Londoners had sold a video footage of the Grammy winner smoking cocaine to a Brit newspaper that later published the singer's drug-taking pictures.

Following the publication, the investigators raided the duo's residence where they found an alleged celebrity 'hit list', including Winehouse, whom they regularly supplied.

Meanwhile, the news matches its timing with the musician's release from a London hospital where she was being treated for a chest infection.