Amazing Weight Loss of SIX STONE by Eating at a Takeaway

by Savitha C Muppala on Sep 20 2013 12:04 AM

 Amazing Weight Loss of SIX STONE by Eating at a Takeaway
Builder Matt Riggs, 35 got a wake up call after he visited his doctor with what he thought was a fractured ankle, only to be told that his ankles were just buckling under his huge weight. He needed to do something about it.
He had begun binge eating after he faced a low patch in his job and took to comfort eating. Now he has turned a new leaf and has lost 6 stone//. He achieved this after picking up a job in a Chinese takeaway.

Matt said yesterday: “I noticed that many of the customers were overweight and was confused why the chefs at the Chinese were slim. So I watched the way they cooked the food they ate themselves. It was basically the same but without fat.”

He just decided to kick the beer habit and also began to eat noodles and rice cooked without fat for four months. He had lost six stone.

Matt said, “I had hardly cooked before, I would just get a takeaway or chuck something in the microwave. But now I love cooking and have really enjoyed inventing my own recipes. I was losing a pound every day when I first started.”

He is proud to be 14 stone now and his story should serve as an inspiration to all those who wish to lose weight to be healthy.