All About Medical Astrology

 All About Medical Astrology
These days medical astrology is catching on in India with astrologers suggesting various `remedial measures' for various diseases.
For instance Sushma Soni, suffering from a brain problem, seeks medical attention. She believes astrology is her last hope. For her, Rachna, a local astrologer, could be a great help.

Astrologers say that a person's mood varies with the alignment of stars and planets, which exert influence over the affairs of men and on people's health.

According to astrologers, there are certain stones, which yield results.

Sushma Soni, says: "Doctors had told me that I had to go through a brain surgery for a cure. They were unsure that I would be cured after surgery. Then I came to Rachna and she gave me a stone to wear. She has assured me that it will help."

There are many people who have benefited and thus recommend it.

Astrologers even claim to have remedies which can achieve "exceptionally good results" for serious diseases.

Rachna, an astrologer, said: "There are eclipses and impact of star's position over our body. After every fifteen days there is `Amavasya' (new moon) and then `Puranmasi' (full moon). People should offer Kheer on Amavasya and jaggery-rice on Puranmasi. Our body has a huge amount of water. We have to keep our emotions very positive. We should stop thinking in the negative direction."

Besides, Vastu Shastra, an ancient Vedic science, is also becoming popular in Punjab.

One should remember that Vastu is science of direction, movements and architecture that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the men and materials.

To finalize the layout and planning of their houses, people are now consulting Vastu experts to manage the flow of cosmic energy.

Gunja, Vastushastra counsultant, said: "Vastushastra is very important. When body doesn't get required amount of calorie and carbohydrates, we face problems. Similarly, there is problem in that house which doesn't get right amount of energy. As we need energy to do work in the same way our house needs energy to give us positive results in our body."

As astrology gains popularity, many young people are taking to it as a career. Be it seeking a good health, employment or building a house, astrology is re-emerging in its new manifestations. By Karan Kapoor


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