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Alistair Campbell Gets a Cochlear Implant Tattoo As a Tribute to His Daughter
Fathers are always their daughter's first love. This adage suits perfectly to charlotte campbell, the daughter of boxing star Alistair Campbell. Her heroic dad's small gesture to cheer her up before a surgery shows his love on her.

Six-year-old Charlotte Campbell was profoundly deaf. She couldn't hear anything at all without a cochlear implant. Therefore alistair decided to ink art a cochlear implant on his head before her surgery. The major difference being that it doesn't work, and he can never take it off: it's a tattoo.

Her parents said, "Charlotte had her first implant put in when she was 4. Her confidence had been transformed as a result. With a second implant, her hearing ability will be further improved."

"Charlotte's journey has been quite a hard journey for her and for us. The tattoo was a tribute - this was all about her, not me," said Alistair Campbell.

The young girl described it as "cool", before checking the other side of her father's head for a second implant.

"We have a close father-daughter bond, and I thought it would be quite fitting for me to do that. As she grows older, she'll understand the love behind it. You can imagine, if you only had one ear, how hard it would be. It would be like having just one speaker going on the stereo," he said.

Anita Campbell said, "Before her daughter got her first implant she was quite introverted. Now, she is the life of the party".

The Hearing House in Auckland - a charity for deaf children with cochlear implants and hearing aids - said the tattoo was a great way to showcase the impact of cochlear implants.

"Charlotte has been coming to the Hearing House for a couple of years now, and she's made great progress," said spokeswoman Mary Jane Boland.

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