Alaska’s Health Care Analysis Completed by DHSS

by Vanessa Jones on Jun 13 2014 10:29 AM

 Alaska’s Health Care Analysis Completed by DHSS
A report analyzing Alaska’s health care safety net was completed and handed over to Gov. Sean Parnell. The report by The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services - DHSS, identified gaps where Alaskans were between eligibility for Medicaid and subsidized insurance in the federal healthcare exchange.
The report gives a brief description of the funding available to identified population as the services are available online. The Governor wanted to have the analysis in hand when he announced the formation of the Medicaid Reform Advisory Group would meet regularly to review the existing Medicaid program and provide suitable changes according to recommendations. "I believe this analysis will inform the group's future deliberations," said DHSS Commissioner William J. Streur. "And in turn, I expect their work and recommendations will further our understanding of opportunities to provide coverage for service gaps identified in this report." The population of Alaskans between the ages of 18 – 64 who fall into the gap and can neither avail neither Medicaid nor the subsidies provided by the federal government.

The report estimates that 10,000 to 12,000 Alaskans do not qualify for any health care covers, though, through a combination of health centers - federal and community centers, public health centers and hospital systems where they can avail comprehensive services throughout the state. "Gaps exist, but they are more limited than what is perceived," said Commissioner Streur. "Like Governor Parnell, I remain committed to funding the safety net of health care services already available to Alaskans who do not qualify for Medicaid, yet cannot afford private insurance."


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