Alarming Rise in the Number of Alcohol-Related Hospital Admissions: NHS

by Kathy Jones on Dec 10 2011 7:04 PM

 Alarming Rise in the Number of Alcohol-Related Hospital Admissions: NHS
New figures released by the NHS reveal that the number of alcohol-related hospital admissions has gone up by nearly 10 percent in the last year and has more than doubled since 2002.
According to the figures, more than 1,173,000 people were admitted to hospital due to alcohol related problems in 2010-11 compared to just over 1,056,000 in 2009-10, representing a 9 percent rise. The statistic will prove to be more worrying for health authorities when compared to 2002-03 when there were just 510,780 admissions.

More worryingly, results published by public health minister Anne Milton shows that more than 7,000 teenagers under 18 years of age have been admitted to hospitals since January due to drinking.

British Medical Association's director of professional activities, Dr Vivienne Nathanson said that the government has to come down hard on binge drinking as it is costing the NHS billions of pounds every year with a recent report showing that NHS spends more than £3.8 billion a year on such cases.

“We have to start denormalising alcohol – it is not like other types of food and drink. Too many people in the UK are drinking far too much and putting their health at risk. Alcohol misuse leads to serious ill-health, premature death and is linked to violence and antisocial behaviour. It also costs the NHS billions of pounds every year”, Dr Nathanson said.