by Savitha C Muppala on  December 24, 2011 at 9:26 PM Women Health News
 Airservices Australia is Facing a Problem Over Claims of Women Discrimination
Airservices Australia is facing a problem over claims of discrimination and bullying against women.

An air-traffic controller Kirsty Fletcher has sued Airservices Australia over gender discrimination, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Fletcher has made discrimination allegations against several past and present senior managers, including Peter Holmes, Chris Bren-Clarke, Nicole Connelly, Andrew Ploog and their ultimate supervisor at Melbourne, Rod Sciortino.

Fletcher alleged that Melbourne center mangers, who are responsible for controlling air space over Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart, were aware of pornographic emails sent by former manager Holmes while on duty.

She accused Holmes of passing abusive comments on pregnant women and the ASA management of failing to probe a whistleblower complaint about the distribution of pornography.

Fletcher has claimed ASA culture was hostile to women that permitted bullying and discrimination by management.

An ASA spokesman had earlier declined to comment on the case due to ongoing legal probe.

"Airservices takes the issue of workplace harassment and bullying seriously and investigates all allegations thoroughly," he had said.

Source: ANI

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