Agony for Woman With the Biggest Boobs in Britain

by Rajashri on Oct 20 2008 3:48 PM

Brit lady Donna Jones has described her agony after her boobs grew to a size 40M.

Jones, 26, who now holds the record for the biggest pair of breasts in Britain and whose boobs weigh one stone each, says she cannot find a bra with cups that would hold them and that she suffers from backache just lugging them around.

"Most girls would kill to have big breasts but I hate mine," News of the World quoted her as saying.

"It was extremely uncomfortable. I started suffering from crippling back pain and have been taking painkillers every day for the past seven years.

"If I could cut them off with a pair of scissors and know I wouldn't die, I would. They cause me so much pain that they're ruining my life," she exclaimed.

The 5ft 1in housewife revealed that she could not even breastfeed her 3-year-old son Kyle when he was a baby or even hug him.

"I didn't dare in case I suffocated him," she stated.

"They get in the way of me giving him a cuddle and I can't run around the park kicking a football with him because they are too large," she said.

Her problems did not just end there, even her HGV driver fianc? Kevin, 36, thought that they were a turn-off as they got in the way during sex.

"My breasts are forever coming between us. It's like there are three of us in our relationship," she explained.

"He rolls on to them in his sleep. I'm always waking up with massive bruises all over them and I haven't had a decent night's sleep for years as I can't get comfortable," she added.

Jones' problems had started when she was just a teenager, with her boobs getting her all the unwanted attention.

"People would point and stare at my boobs. Boys would try to grab them then run away laughing," she said.

With all the pain, Jones began to take anti-depressants in 2006, and she was turned down for a reduction op again as her body mass index was 13 points too high, and has been told surgery will be possible only if she loses 7st.

"I feel caught in a vicious cycle. My boobs are ruining my life. It's certainly not fun having the biggest breasts in Britain," she added.