by Kathy Jones on  September 12, 2010 at 11:14 AM Celebrity Health News
 After Cancer Recovery, 'Enriched' Lisa Ray to Re-launch Acting Career
Bollywood actress Lisa Ray has come out stronger and enriched after recovering from her cancer battle. The beauty is now all set to re-launch her acting career.

Ray, 38, an actress and former fashion model, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on in June last year (09) and started her first cycle of treatment within a month.

In April this year (10) she announced she was cancer-free following a stem cell transplant.

And now, the star of the Oscar-nominated film Water is set to participate in the Toronto International Film Festival this week.

"I'm just launching myself back into acting," the Globe and Mail quoted Ray as saying.

"Now I feel strong and confident in body, mind and spirit.... I have found, coming out the other end, that the single most useful revelation for me in the healing process has been being open, and sharing aspects of what people might consider a private experience," she added.

"I feel good today, but I'm not saying this has remotely been easy. I think I'm still processing, and trying to understand in what way - and this is going to sound very strange - this experience has enriched my life," she said.

Among her current projects, she is developing a TV documentary series, in which she hopes to interview people from across Canada who have faced life-threatening challenges, and survived.

"My life is unfolding in completely new and unanticipated ways," said Lisa.

She added: "I'm doing everything I did before, but now I always stop and make sure I'm not taking on too much.... Like many people, I used to push myself - to stay in the race, and keep ahead of the race. I do things differently now. My goal is just to live well. Enjoy. Nothing more grand than that."

Source: ANI

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