A Video on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex

by Rajashri on Oct 14 2008 3:06 PM

The Women's Institute in UK is all set to release a video on internet, which will include tips such as the best sexual position to adopt if your husband has suffered a heart attack previously. The video will also offer advice on sex toys.

Known for offering sensible advice on household matters, WI will now be offering sensible advice on sex as well.

The video is being presented by Janice Langley, who belongs to Washington WI in West Sussex.

In the video, she suggests exploring relations in the lounge, the kitchen or even the garden (as long as the neighbours aren't watching), but the video is entirely set in the bedroom.

And in order to add a raunchy touch to the video, Langley has even brandished a French maid's outfit urging viewers to "try something really saucy".

"We're not all 85 and knitting. We have a diverse membership," Times Online quoted her as saying.

Her presentation, called "sex, myths and spicy tips" is one of six subjects included in the video, which cover all topics ranging from IT, gardening, home management, the environment and creativity.

No-nonsense women with a natural air of authority have presented most of the topics in firm and well-modulated tones.

However, Langley's video is the most eye-opening.

She has dealt with rising levels of sexually transmitted diseases among older people, and has advised them not to think of condoms as being just for contraception.

If one partner has arthritis or has suffered a brain haemorrhage, the video laso suggests what sexual positions are to be used.

The video shows Langley reclining on a bed with a variety of magazines, DVDs and sexual aids in vibrant colours, and says: "They come in all shapes and sizes. You may say nice girls don't do that, but they do and they enjoy it."

She has also given suggestion on how women can cope if they or their husbands go off sex.

Langley said that she had discussed with the director what subjects to cover in her presentation that uses cartoon characters, which enact her words.

She said: "I wrote the script from the point of view of what I'd like to say. They were very good about sticking to what I felt comfortable with.

"It was filmed in my house and it was a long day. It was very different from anything I'd ever experienced before. The video is about showing that we have some very skilled and educated women in the WI. Quite often the perception is just about jam and cake."

Sixty-six-year-old Langley, who sits on the board of the National Federation of Women's Institutes, was chosen for the job because she is a former nurse and a retired counsellor and sex therapist.

The video can be seen on