by Kathy Jones on  July 13, 2010 at 9:59 PM Diabetes News
 A Unique Anti-Diabetic Insulin Discovered by Indian Scientists
A new form of insulin that could could help diabetic patients control their blood sugar levels has been discovered by Indian scientists.

According to the scientists, a patient has to take only a single shot of insulin to keep sugar levels under control for over a month.

The National Immunology Institute has reveated that it took two million rupees and nearly two years of research to come up with the unique solution. Scientists have already patented the technology and plans are on to commercialize it.

"It is a multi-million dollar technology transfer agreement with royalties once the product goes to the market, and if I am not wrong, it is one of the biggest scientific innovations to have come from a government owned research laboratory," claimed Professor Avadhesha Surolia, Director, National Immunology Institute, New Delhi.

The researchers said they tried natural human insulin at varying temperatures and chemical conditions on rats, mice and rabbits and managed to control their sugar levels by simply giving an injection once every three months.

Because of its huge potential in controlling sugar level for three months, the new discovery has attracted the immediate attention of about 50 million people suffering from diabetes in India.

Source: ANI

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