by Hannah Punitha on  January 26, 2008 at 2:39 PM Dental News
A Simple Stress Free Way to Find a NHS Dentist
A ground breaking, unique way to locate a NHS dentist through the NHS choices website, has been provided by the people of Yorkshire and Humber to help the locals find a NHS dentist.

"This new service site of the NHS enables the people to access the NHS dental services without any hassles. A lot of time can be saved and access to the NHS dentist is made easy and simple.

The site is rich with the right information, which helps you locate a vacancy for dental surgery before you call up the NHS dentist.

You get what you require by just logging on to the website, clicking dentist and entering a postcode. The list of dentists who are accepting new patients, details about surgeries close to their homes and the dentist's opening time can be got immediately.

By simply logging on to the NHS Choices website, clicking on, 'dentist' and then entering a postcode, people can find out about surgeries close to where they live, their opening times and which dentists are accepting new patients.

Information regarding the other local NHS services including the nearest A&E, GPs, maternity services and your local walk in center can also be got from the website.

An alternate option for people who have telephone advice lines would be to contact their local PCT for the same information.

Source: Medindia

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