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 A Quarter of Italian Couples Indulge in Wife Swapping!
Think twice before you accept a dinner invitation from a loving Italian couple when holidaying in Italy, for along with dinner you might be served an offer to swap your partners.

From what is being reported by La Stampa newspaper in Italy, a quarter of all Italian couples regularly take part in wife swapping.

According to their article titled, "The Lunch Time Swingers", almost 500,000 Italian couples are officially swapping partners at private sex clubs, and thousands more doing it in a more ad-hoc fashion in car parks, specially designated beaches or even cemeteries.

The report said that wife swapping had increased at a dizzying rate everywhere, and a major reason behind this predilection can be attributed to the internet which has apparently stripped away the taboos.

The article based its finding on the figures given by The International Federation for the Protection of Rights and Freedoms, or Federsex, in Rome, which said that wife swapping organizations have 500,000 members that meet in 200 private clubs across Italy and swap partners.

But this was just the tip of the iceberg; as the Federsex experts said that there exist closer to two million, or a quarter of the eight million sexually active couples across the country.

The average age of male participants is 43, while the swapped women tend to be younger at 35, and it is no longer a furtive after-dark activity but one that can "even take place during one''s lunch hour."

"We see all sorts of people ... the thing that links them is that they have no money worries - accountants, doctors, even footballers and politicians," The Independent quoted an employee of the Club Malizia in Milan, as confirming.

Source: ANI

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