A Novel Idea in a US Restaurant- Blind Waiters Serving Meals in the Dark

by Savitha C Muppala on Aug 23 2010 10:40 PM

 A Novel Idea in a US Restaurant- Blind Waiters Serving Meals in the Dark
A restaurant in America has come out with a new idea of employing blind waiters who will be serving food in absolute darkness.
Edouard de Broglie, the man behind the restaurant Dans le Noir?, which is French for "in the black", says people will find the food taste different.

"You taste the food like you never tasted it before," ABC News quoted him as saying.

"People realize they are a bit handicapped with their nose and tongue," he added.

A restaurant, Blinde Kuh, was opened in Zurich in 2000 by a foundation for blind people, and another in Berlin followed it.

Dans le Noir? became the first such privately-run restaurant in 2004 when its Paris location opened. It expanded to London and Moscow in 2006 and Barcelona in 2009.

The dining experience starts in a room, with lights, where diners read a menu and make their meal selections.

To keep the dining room completely dark, after placing their orders, patrons are asked to place all potential sources of light including watches, cell phones and cameras in lockers in the reception room.

They are then led into a pitch-black dining room and seated at big communal tables.

Eating in the dark might be a bit of a challenge but de Broglie said that people quickly learn to use their other senses.

Hearing, touch and smell take over where people normally rely on sight.


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