by Rathi Manohar on  February 2, 2011 at 5:26 PM Diet & Nutrition News
 A Good Breakfast - Necessary or Not?
An interesting study published in the Nutrition Journal reports that the kind of breakfast we have does not affect our eating at other times of the day.

The German researchers under the leadership of Dr. Volker Schusdziarra, a professor of internal medicine at the Technical University of Munich, studied the eating habits of 280 people who included both obese and of normal weight. They were expected to keep a record of all their meals they have during the day for a fortnight. When the number of calories consumed was counted every day for each participant, it was evident that whatever breakfast they may have had, the calorie intake at the rest of the meals was the same. A big breakfast did not mean fewer calories at the other meals. The researchers concluded that a big breakfast actually totaled up to more calories through the day.

In fact, Dr. Schusdziarra goes to the extent of stating that he commends people who tell him that they have no breakfast and that he urges them to continue to do just that!

On the other hand, Dianne Moeller, a registered dietitian at the Health District of Northern Larimer County, reiterates that breakfast is the most important meal for a number of reasons. Energy level is high, brain function is acute, a healthy weight is maintained, and the risk of developing diabetes is reduced.

So, then, what is it to be? A hearty breakfast? Or, no breakfast?

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