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 A Fifteen Year Old Teenager in Jaipur With Severe Skin Disease Makes Sculptures
Lokesh Punia, a fifteen-year-old teenager of Jaipur, suffering from a severe skin disease, takes to making beautiful sculptures.

Lokesh, suffering from "ectodermal displasia", is gifted with an extra ordinary talent, he is a multi-faceted person and with great aesthetic sense.

From his childhood days, he was inclined towards painting and making things out of paper. But colours and ink present on the paper was harmful for his skin, so later he channelised his energies towards making sculptures out of clay.

"He always been a very innovative person. He used to make new things, and also use to fondle with his old toys to revamp them. But ever since he has started making sculptures, he has got a ray of new hope," said Rajesh Punia, Lokesh's father.

A person suffering from ectodermal displasia often suffers from multiple disorders. It is a rare genetic condition, which prevents the person from developing hair, sweat glands or fingernails.

In some of the severe cases, a person suffering from such disease often has hearing and eyesight problems.

Lokesh's mother Anushka always been a pillar of support for him, as she always supported him, and made him realise his true worth.

"He is suffering from ectodermal displasia, since his birth. He cannot tolerate heat rather we have to keep him inside during summers. Actually his skin always needs moisture. He is still learning. He has found a way for him self to be happy," said Anushka.

There was a time when Lokesh was depressed, because of uncooperative behaviour of his peers in his school. At that time his mother helped him in realising his worth and despite odds helped him in emerging as a good and capable sculptor.

Lokesh is immensely god fearing, and whenever he is depressed he always finds solace by praying.

By fifteen, he has trodden a very difficult path and has emerged out to be a better human being than his contemporaries.

Source: ANI

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