by Bidita Debnath on  December 8, 2014 at 10:28 PM Medical Gadgets
 A Disk in Your Pants can Help You Distress
Experts have come up with a clip on disk that tells you to sit up straight and breathe through your belly.

Prana, which is developed by engineer duo Andre Persidsky and Alex Ahlund, is a silver disk you clip into your pants that will track and provide data as to how you sit and whether you are breathing with your belly or mostly with your chest, Techcrunch reported.

The app can work with most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and also offers breathing exercises from all around the world, including yoga pranayama, tai chi, and buteyko, which can be organized by time of day such as "Wake Up" or "De-stress."

Prana learns how you breathe over time and then makes recommendations based on what you are doing specifically. The Prana Clinical Mode offers either you or your health practitioner data on how well (or poorly) you are breathing while sitting, standing and exercising throughout the day. Practitioners can also see if you are sitting upright or mostly slouching to make an assessment.

Persidsky said that they wanted to offer a truer, more holistic picture of breathing quality, which necessitated factoring in posture, but also providing the capability to distinguish between chest and belly breathing, as most traditions of good breathing (and recent science) emphasize the value of breathing from the abdomen.

Source: ANI

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