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Violence Against Women With Disabilities Has to Stop
Violence against women with disabilities remains one of the under-recognized social issues of all time. Growing number of crimes like sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence indicates that violence and discrimination against women with disabilities is on rise over the years.

Marking protest against this global phenomenon, State Forum for Rights of All Women with Disabilities, a south Indian non-profit organization and a separate wing of Federation of Tamilnadu Differently Abled Association, organized an awareness rally on Saturday.

Addressing the women, Legal Advisor of the organization, Ajitha, said that women with disabilities tend suffer from additional types of abuse, for longer durations in the hands of many perpetrators and special care must be given to them.

"Just like women without disabilities, women with disabilities are also vulnerable to all types of physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse. They are more likely to experience abuse by health care providers and personal assistants, family members, intimate partners, friends or professionals and for longer periods of time. The rise in the incidence of violence against disabled women is mainly due to lack of awareness among the people in urban and rural areas. Government and social organizations must come forward to aware them," she said.

The protesters also noted that the instances of acid attacks on women, particularly girls, are a matter of grave concern.

"Concentrated acid sold in India is comparatively cheap and can be accessed through a variety of informal sector users. It is this ease of access that is spurring attacks. Therefore, a system of licensing all acid transactions acid must be introduced immediately. Also stringent punishment must be ensured to acid attackers," protesters said. They added that a memorandum would be submitted to the government authorities in this regard.

"Gender violence is continuously on rise and political lethargy persists more than past years. Unfortunately in many cases of humiliation, assaults and insults, own family-members or other close people are responsible. Also, government has done nothing to bring a change towards a more gender-just society."

"A perspective on women's problems needs to be evolved. Policy-makers, civil-society, religion and NGOs should jointly work-out effective preventive measures, proper solutions to the issues of women," they urged.

Source: Medindia

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