by Kathy Jones on  September 16, 2012 at 5:01 PM General Health News
 99% of Fantasy Football Players can be Trounced by New Artificial Intelligence Program
A new artificial intelligence computer program may help select a dream team of medical staff in future. This program which can beat 99 per cent of fantasy football players, could be used to save lives in the future.

In fantasy football, participants play as a manager and select teams using real-life football league players, with 15 to a squad, no more than three from any one team, and within a set budget, and only a limited number of player transfers are allowed throughout the season.

The researchers behind the software replicated the results of previous seasons of fantasy football, and the three computer scientists behind the software found that against the league's 2.5 million human participants in 2010, it would have beaten all but 2,500 people

Now, the team from the UK and Greece hope their research can be used to assign teams of emergency workers based on the different abilities of available personnel.

This season the researchers hope to test the software in a live fantasy football competition, and they also hope that once the programme is perfected, it can be put to life-saving solutions in the real world.

"Team formation is a significantly challenging problem for existing emergency responders, and typically what they do is they train a lot, and they try and understand each other and try to understand what other capabilities they might need for different kinds of emergencies," the Daily Mail quoted Dr Sarvapali Ramchurn of the University of Southampton, as saying.

"But this is not entirely feasible unless you really analyse the statistics of how these emergency responders perform, both individually and as a team. So that's the kind of domain we've sort of been studying and trying to apply our techniques to in order to help them," he added.

Source: ANI

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