9 in 10 Britons Believe They are Bullied at Work

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 7 2008 6:03 PM

 9 in 10 Britons Believe They are Bullied at Work
Nine out of 10 people in the UK believe that they are victims of workplace taunts and intimidation, a shocking survey has found.
The result came to be known after an online poll of 10,000 people was conducted - and it revealed that 92 percent reckon that they're being bullied at work.

Fifty six percent believe that it is a serious problem in their office, shop or factory, the study found.

Forty nine per cent blame their immediate manager for bullying them, while a similar proportion claiming that their complaints were not dealt with properly, the survey, which was conducted by the Andrea Adams Trust charity, disclosed.

"Leaving aside for a moment the emotional aspect of bullying and the traumatic effect it can have on both targets and witnesses, these reported cold, hard figures has come as a complete shock and are very disturbing," the Telegraph quoted Lyn Witheridge, the founder of the Andrea Adams Trust, as saying.

"However, these figures indicate that at last we are coming to our senses and employees are gaining the courage to speak out against one of the most destructive forces at work today," Lyn added.


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