8000 Physicians to Educate Over a Lakh Patients on Fever Management in a Day

by Colleen Fleiss on Jul 25 2019 9:28 PM

8000 Physicians to Educate Over a Lakh Patients on Fever Management in a Day
New sources have reported that about 8000 physicians will educate over 1-lakh patients through do’s and don’ts leaflets on fever management in a single day.
As part of its attempt to enter the Limca Book of Records for educating the maximum number of patients on seasonal febrile illnesses, Alkem Laboratories in association with the IJCP Group is conducting Fever Management Awareness Programmes across 11 states in a single day.

This is a one-of-a-kind initiative, wherein approximately 8000 GPs will educate about 1-lakh patients on the Do’s and Don’ts while dealing with a in a period of 8 hours.

Seasonal febrile illnesses have a high prevalence in India. One of the major challenges in this area is the delay in diagnosis and treatment which can further lead to severe complications. Raising awareness among the general public about timely management can help in averting complications.

Speaking about this, Mr. Bhavesh Kumar Vaishnav, Marketing Manager, Alkem Laboratories , said, “We are happy to undertake this landmark initiative with support from the IJCP Group. Apart from trying to enter the Limca Book of World Records, the idea is also to raise awareness on the causes and symptoms of fever and what can be done.

Adding further, Mr. Nilesh Aggarwal, CEO, IJCP Group & Founder , said, “We tend to dismiss fever as something very normal and many people indulge in self-medication. However, it is important to understand that a fever may have underlying causes and further health implications if not diagnosed and treated appropriately.

We are happy to support Alkem Laboratories in this initiative to create a new record in training patients as also generating awareness on seasonal febrile illnesses.”

The scheduled date for the record attempt is July 25th , 2019.

About IJCP Group: IJCP is a leading medical communications group that was founded in 1990 and was the pioneer of medical journalism in India. It was started with the basic objective of updating the knowledge of the medical professionals, which was the need of the day at, that time and even now. It was started with a single journal called 'Indian Journal of Clinical Practice'. It has now grown into various multispecialty journals, customized books and publications, events, consulting, branding, CME's, doctor meetings, KOL interactions etc.