by Kathy Jones on  April 1, 2012 at 9:57 PM Lifestyle News
 7 Million Lottery Addicts in China
Among the 200 million lottery players in China, seven million are lottery addicts, says a new study.

The survey has been conducted by Lottery Investigation Centre of China, People's Daily reported.

According to the Beijing Times, most of these lottery addicts, who cannot help buying lotteries, are young people aged between 18 to 45. They have high school or college degrees and have a low monthly income of 1,500 to 3,000 yuan (upto $474).

These people feel they are inferior in social and economic position, said Chen Haiping, a doctor in psychology at Beijing Normal University.

The survey has also revealed that men are more easily addicted to lottery than women.

According to Zhu Weiguo, commissioner of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, the government should resolve lottery addiction by using lottery fund.

It is also viable for lottery agencies to set up a rescue fund to cope with lottery addiction as well as carry out related follow-up investigation by using the bonuses abandoned by lottery players, Zhu added.

Source: IANS

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