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60-year-old Indian Woman Delivers Daughter’s Twins
She is now both a mother and a grandmother. It is as strange as strange can go in a country like India.

Yes, a 60-year-old woman in Pune in western India, has delivered twins fertilized out of her own daughter's ovum. The children were born on Sep.21, according to Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar, head of the In Vitro Fertilization department at the clinic where the whole dramatic episode took place.

The daughter was suffering from genital cancer and had to go in for surrogacy. But neither she nor her husband would settle for a surrogate mother from outside their family. And the girl's mother came forward to bear and deliver.

Dr Tandulwadkar noted that usually surrogate mothers happened to be young and hence this once was indeed exceptional.

The family was told that a number of injections would be administered and besides there were risks involved. And, as it happened, not one, but two embryos were to be implanted in her womb.

But the old woman didn't flinch right through, observed Dr.Tandulwadkar appreciatively, almost overawed by the old woman's determination.

The pregnancy was uneventful in first six months but later the surrogate mother developed high blood pressure. For almost 32 weeks the woman could pull on with her pregnancy, but her old age and physical condition in general made it impossible to continue carrying the foetuses any further.

"Considering her age and her status of hypertension, a decision for a Caesarian was taken. Finally two male babies—1.7 kg and 1.4 kg—were delivered," said Dr.Tandulwadkar.

The twins are healthy, reports say.

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