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54-Year-Old US Woman Gives Birth to Her Own Granddaughter Through Surrogacy
A 54-year-old grandmother in the United States has given birth to her daughter's baby, honoring a promise to her sibling who experienced three upsetting miscarriages.

Aaron McKissack, 33, and Kelley, 28, had tried for three years to have a baby of their own. The couple says that they attempted multiple infertility treatments.

The last one ended in heartbreak on Christmas day in 2014. Kelley's mother, Tracey Thompson then offered to be a surrogate for her daughter and son-in-law.

"My lovely mom offered to give me to greatest gift I could ever have in my life," Kelley said on her mother's gesture.

When Kelley was a teenager, she had jokingly asked her mother to carry her baby.

"She said, 'If I can't carry my own baby will you carry it for me?' " Thompson said to CNN affiliate KTVT. "Of course I would, not dreaming that I would actually be doing it."

This promise was kept when an embryo was implanted into Thompson in April 2015. She was seven years past menopause but in excellent health condition.

Thompson said, "It is such a blessing that I can do this for my daughter."

On January 6, Thompson gave birth to Kelcey McKissack, a healthy 6-pound-11- ounce baby girl, at The Medical Center of Plano.

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