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 5 Tips to Increase Your Attraction Quotient to Have Sex
There is a lot that can be done to increase chances of having sex.

A US website has suggested certain subtle and random things that would get people to consider knowing the opposite sex in the biblical way.

The tilt of your head is a strong determinant of how attractive people think you are.

Researchers at the University of Newcastle revealed that if a woman has her head tilted back, she is regarded as less feminine and less attractive but with chin down, suddenly she is more feminine to volunteers, and also hotter.

But the same neck strain for men had the reverse effect: They looked less masculine with their head tilted forward and, as you might expect, were constantly rated as less attractive.

The next factor is 'how much you (don't) smile. Many of you out there may be in the habit of practicing your smile in the mirror because you think it will somehow make you acceptable to the opposite sex. You smile in pictures, you smile when you meet somebody-it's how you put your best face forward.

Well, if you're a male who's really into smiling, stop it right now - she prefers that you never smile again. As for the ladies, let's see those pearly whites.

Researchers of University of Geneva have insisted that a long ring finger determines facial attraction. It has been earlier mentioned how the length of your ring finger is an indication of how much testosterone you were exposed to in the womb.

The longer the ring finger, the more testosterone, thus even if the finger is not visible, women think guys with long ring fingers have more attractive faces.

Who walks up to whom in a bar or club could be the deciding factor in getting those phone digits. It turns out the best chance you have of getting that special someone interested in you may be if you can somehow get them to be the one to approach you.

Another remarkable reality is that usually women find men with facial scars extremely attractive.

A man with facial scars is believed to be a survivor of difficult fights, possibly with a saber tooth tiger. This in turn implies that his children would be more likely to survive if they ever had a run-in with some large, deadly animal.

Source: ANI

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