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5 Best Ways Employers Can Help Employees De-Stress At Work
The best way to keep your employees happy is to help them de-stress from the heavy work load atmosphere. A little pampering now and then with head and foot massage, organizing team-building activities like pot-luck or introducing concept of coffee-break buddies can do wonders for your employees, reveal experts in a new study.

Faisal Farooqui, Founder and CEO at Mouthshut (consumer review web site), Kamalika Bhattacharya, CEO at QuoDeck Technologies (b2b SaaS product in the Enterprise Learning space) and Richa Singh, Founder and CEO, Bigstylist (online portal which provides beauty and grooming services) have shared tips:

A relaxing massage of foot reflexology or a head massage can quickly turn a stressful work day happier. Several corporates in India are now opting for the concept of 'corporate pamper days' or 'appreciation days' as a giveaway in order to keep their workforce happy. Such initiatives help in boosting the morale of employees and increase productivity at work.

Office potluck: It is an excellent team-building activity as well. People can given brownie points for being imaginative with their cooking and presentation.

Such competitions are a big deal for all teams and the enthusiasm and fun they have while preparing and serving their preparations is really outstanding. People plan for weeks in advance in order to emerge as winners at this event. This encourages camaraderie among employees as well as employers.

Chilled-out workplace: Introducing few games in office are very helpful for employees to monthly escape the room challenges, the culture is one of a college canteen. Such activities are majorly helpful for de-stressing.

Having a coffee-break buddy: One of the best ways to de-stress at work is to have someone to talk to, about your day, your work issues, household problems, or just to gossip. Coffee break buddies are major de-stressers and companions, who would walk up to the cafeteria every time you think you need your hourly dose of caffeine.

These buddies will make sure the individual is never left alone when boredom or hunger strikes, and thus make your work life really de-stressing and relaxing.

Music: It is one of the best ways to relax and de-stress your mind, body and soul. Workplaces that have employees listening to music, or just have it played across the floor in a subtle volume, have a better and relaxed workforce.

Music therapies can also be conducted in order to relieve people of their stress.

Source: IANS

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