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3D Boosts Attentiveness in Kids Enables Them to Learn More
Inclination to focus and retain more information plus exhibiting higher levels of concentration in students observed when 3D animations are used during lessons, reveals a new study.

Professor Anne Bamford, of the University of the Arts, London, studied the effectiveness of 3D content in 15 schools across seven countries including the UK, the Daily Mail reported.

The project took into consideration 740 pupils aged 10 and 11.

In every school, one class studied science in the usual manner. Another did the same lesson using 3D resources.

The students were then tested before and after the experiment.

The study found that pupils in 3D classes could remember more than the 2D classes after four weeks, augmenting test scores by an average 17 per cent compared with eight per cent for 2D lessons.

They gave more 'elaborate' answers to open-ended tasks and were more likely to 'think' in 3D, using hand gestures and 'mime' to 'successfully answer the test questions'.

"The marked improvement in test scores was also supported by qualitative data that showed that 100 per cent of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that 3D animations in the classroom made the children understand things better and 100 per cent of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the pupils discovered new things in 3D learning that they did not know before," Professor Bamford said.

"The teachers commented that the pupils in the 3D groups had deeper understanding, increased attention span, more motivation and higher engagement," Professor Bamford added.

Source: ANI

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