by Reshma Anand on  December 26, 2015 at 2:10 PM Obesity News
38-Year-Old World’s Heaviest Man Dies of Heart Attack in Mexico
In a desire to lose weight and lead a normal life, the World's Heaviest Man underwent weight loss surgery in October 2015. The surgery helped him to drop down to 320 kilos from his initial weight of 450 kilos

He considered the weight loss surgery as his Christmas gift before Christmas. But to his dismay, the official Christmas Day turned into his day of death.

Andres Moreno, 38, died of a heart attack and peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal lining) in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora state, Mexico. Early on Christmas Day, he was having difficulty in breathing and family members took him to the hospital in an ambulance, but he died on the way.

"He was doing well, but he had had two previous heart attacks. He became short of breath, and died in the ambulance," said Carmen Palacios, who had been helping him during his rehabilitation process over the past year.

Source: Medindia

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