by VR Sreeraman on  February 28, 2011 at 10:58 PM Lifestyle News
 29-yr-old Woman Set To Become Britain's Youngest Grandmother
A woman, who is set to become Britain's youngest grandmother at 29, has revealed that discovering the pregnancy of her 14-year-old daughter was her 'worst nightmare'.

Kelly John, from Bridgend, Wales, said that she always hoped her daughter would not repeat her mistake and become pregnant at 14.

The teenager broke the bombshell news to her mother when she found the positive pregnancy test results.

"My worst nightmare has always been that Tia would repeat my mistake and get pregnant young," the Daily Mail quoted Kelly, as saying.

"(When I found out) I felt the colour drain from my face and all I could do was cry," she added.

But after getting over the shock, the grandmother-to-be has vowed to do 'everything' to bring up the new baby.

Meanwhile, schoolgirl Tia and her 15-year-old beau have vowed to prove they can be good parents despite their age.

Source: ANI

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